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Prebiotic Super Moisturiser

An ESSENTIAL first step in all routines.



Incredibly lightweight, fast-absorbing prebiotic super moisturiser to help protect skin’s microbiome and rebalance the diversity of skin’s microbiota for a better skin barrier function.


Formulated with Inulin, a clinically proven natural prebiotic that feeds selective organisms of the microbiota in order to restore its balance. This helps improve short and long term hydration.

We use a combination of two types of inulin differing in molecular chain length, extracted from chicory/sun root and agave pinas; which can only be metabolized by organisms carrying the inulinase enzyme. Due to this, inulin acts as a prebiotic and only feeds select beneficial organisms which in turn provide food for others, thus supporting the microbiota. They help –

  • Hydrate the skin via the skin microbiota
  • Boost the recovery of the protective and healthy skin microbiota
  • Restore the skin microbiota of acne-prone skin



Suitable for acne-prone skin

Prenylated bioflavonoids from the plant Maclura cochinchinensis, to help control sebum level and inflammatory processes in acne-prone skin types; to visibly improve the appearance of impure skin. It helps reduce the development of blackheads and inflammatory spots on skin prone to acne, as well as refine skin texture.

Willow bark & papaya fruit extracts for gentle exfoliating & resurfacing action.



With an antioxidant complex of green tea, white tea, red tea, ubiquinone, and superoxide dismutase; rich in polyphenols and flavonoids – to help trap free radicals; inhibit ion superoxide, and limit lipid peroxidation formation.

N-acetyl-d-glucosamine & wide molecular weight hyaluronic acid help promote hydration, stimulate body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, and improve skin moisture and elasticity.