High performance skincare solutions to help achieve your healthiest skin


High performance skincare solutions brand to help achieve your healthiest skin


Utilising multifunctional actives that target multiple skin concerns to deliver highly significant clinical benefits to skin


Multi-tasking formulas powered by biotechnology & plant fractionation to help simplify skincare routines by targeting multiple concerns


Personalised skincare routines tailored to your goals and/or concerns through our consultancy service


Providing insights tailored to you; through monthly consultations with expert for continual guidance & support through your journey to healthy skin



We strongly believe that the journey to healthy skin is not only reliant on efficacious product; but also requires consistency, patience, and support.

This is how transformational skin results can truly be achieved.

Through years of knowledge & experience, we understand that even when individuals are equipped with the best products available, their lack of patience to see results as well as not truly understanding the science of WHY; and how this is presented as results/changes within their skin overtime, creates inconsistencies with their routines.


Inconsistencies lead to constant rotation of products and brands within routines.

Constant rotation of products leads to failure of desired results.

We help achieve transformative skin by developing highly effective skincare treatments combined with our personalised consultancy service, to help achieve your healthiest skin.

Our aim is to provide support and knowledge through these consultations to check in, assess your diary management entries, lifestyle changes, current skin state/need and review your current routine.

We focus solely on the core part of every routine, the hardworking and multitasking serums.

A message from our founder…

For me, my years in this industry has taught me that a beautifully designed product is only half the equation.

Understanding WHO is using the product is equally important.

Lifestyle and daily influences that occur in our everyday life affect time commitments, finance, skin state, skin need & skin health. 

That’s why I’ve combined my passion for developing high performance skincare treatments with my love of connecting and understanding the WHO, through personal consultations.

With 1611 LABS; I come along with you on that journey to healthy skin.


                                                                                         Amina Ajayi



Achieve your healthiest skin.