At 1611 LABS, we strongly believe that the journey to healthy skin is not only reliant on efficacious product; but also requires consistency, patience, and support.

This is how transformational skin results can truly be achieved.

We help achieve this by developing highly effective skincare treatments combined with our expert-led consultancy service, dependent on individual needs to help achieve your healthiest skin.

Our aim is to provide support and knowledge through one-to-one consultations to check in, review and update.

As your skin state changes, your routine will be amended to reflect your progress.

With our consultancy programme, you have access to –

  • 1611 LABS products delivered to you every 6 weeks (Save up to 18% on products with subscription)
  • Your personalised skincare routine
  • Access to personalised virtual skin diary to document skin development and track progress
  • 40min monthly consultation with expert for updates, routine review and continual support and guidance

We focus solely on the core part of any routine, the hardworking and multitasking serums.

We offer all products needed for a full routine, with the exception of cleansers and SPF.

As part of your routine programme, these products will be recommended from trusted brands.