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The ingredient on everyone’s radar at the moment.
A little bit like what they did with niacinamide, tranexamic acid etc. Now it’s ectoin’s moment to shine!
Ectoin is a small amino acid derivate that belongs to a group called extremolytes.
Extremolytes are what we call stress-protection molecules. They protect microorganisms and plants from lethal and extreme conditions of their habitats like salt lakes, hot springs, arctic ice, deep sea or deserts.
Ectoin is a multifunctional active ingredient with clinical proven efficacy. In the body, it helps shield the skin from extrinsic and intrinsic factors of skin aging and cell damage like pollution, sun light (including IR-A and visible light), temperature and chemical irritants.
Ectoin helps restore & maintain water balance between skin cells, helping to improve skin conditions such as elasticity, roughness and wrinkles.
It’s a great ingredient to help repair compromised skin barriers by regulating the moisture content of the skin. Ectoin reduces TEWL (trans epidermal water loss), increases hydration level and preserves the skin moisture.
Because of it’s excellent anti inflammatory properties, it helps soothe irritated, damaged and stressed skin types.
More than an hydrator, it has superior anti-pollution and blue light protection. Ectoin helps protect skin and skin cells from the whole spectrum of air pollution including PAHs, heavy metals and particulate matter (PM) of all particle sizes. It prevents blue light induced pigmentation and oxidative stress.
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Advanced antioxidant network designed with a 360 approach to help protect, regenerate & brighten.
Designed to help balance, reduce inflammation, optimize sebum production, strengthen the skin barrier function, and eliminate causes of impure skin