Dry vs. Dehydrated skin – How to tell the difference

These are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different.



Dry skin is a skin type like oily or combination skin. This is a result of lack of oils & lipids in the skin. It’s down to genetics but can be worsened by age, weather etc.

Characteristics of dry skin –

Rough texture

Prone to scaling/flakiness

Appears dry


Eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis prone


Best for dry skin –

Formula 7|v.7 360 Barrier Repair Treatment Serum 

A ultra lightweight, silky emulsion designed to help strengthen & restore the skin barrier function by managing inflammatory processes for instant soothing effect, preventing TEWL and improving skin firmness & elasticity. ​

Formulated with purified extract of centella asiatica composed of asiaticoside, asiatic acid and madecassic acid to help provide wound healing, refine skin texture, promote collagen synthesis stimulation & microcirculation activation.



Dehydrated skin is a skin condition (temporary state) and is caused by lack of water in the uppermost layer of the skin. Typically caused by damage to the skin barrier caused by external factors, such as extremely cold, dry weather conditions, diet, etc

This can happen to all skin types. You don’t have to have dry skin to have dehydrated skin. Oily and combination skin can also be dehydrated.

Characteristics of dehydrated skin –

Looks dull

Feels tight


Loss of firmness and elasticity

Expression lines


Best for dehydrated skin –

Formula 1|v.7 Intense Moisturisation & Anti Dehydration Complex

Formula 10|v.5 Prebiotic Urban Defence Treatment

Formula 1|v.7 was developed for dehydrated, sensitive & irritated skin types. A  lightweight silky serum formulated with a well-balanced complex of multi-molecular HA, HA stimulators, glyceryl glucoside, phospholipids, peptides & antioxidants for instant and long-term hydration.

Formula 10|v.5 is a water-weight prebiotic moisturiser to help protect skin’s microbiome and rebalance the diversity of skin’s microbiota for a better skin barrier function. Formulated with Inulin, a clinically proven natural prebiotic that feeds selective organisms of the microbiota to help improve short, and long-term hydration.