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The first step in treating any skin concern is ensuring your skin barrier is intact, says Amina – Founder of 1611 LABS.
A compromised/disrupted skin barrier can be the cause of many skin concerns.
It’s a vicious cycle where an impaired barrier can lead to dehydration; which causes inflammation.
Inflammation alters/disrupts the barrier function; and so we’re back where we started.
Inflammation, which alters the barrier function, can lead to several skin concerns such as –
  • Dehydration
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitivity & Redness
  • Texture Irregularities
  • Loss of skin firmness & Elasticity
So, it’s important to focus on repairing your skin barrier first, before attempting to treat any symptoms that may have been caused from compromising your skin barrier, says Amina.
“Clients are often disappointed when they come to me with skin concerns such as pigmentation and or texture irregularities, expecting an elaborate routine; and my routine for them consists of repairing their skin barrier for 3 months, with 2-3 products.
It is imperative to focus on getting your skin barrier to a healthy state, if I believe it’s compromised, before attempting to look at your skin concerns.
A healthy skin barrier will help alleviate most of these concerns. And only then, can we focus on managing any other skin concerns” – Amina.